We’re going to Ottawa to raise our voices for Nature. Join us!

Canadian laws and policies for protecting nature are falling short, and we continue to lose nature faster than we can recover it.

You can join us and dozens of groups from our Nature Network as we call for an action plan to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030. We’re bringing Nature lovers' voices to Parliament Hill as we meet with Members of Parliament and decision-makers at our annual Nature on the Hill event. Add your voice!

We’re asking decision-makers for an action plan to halt and reverse nature loss that includes:

  1. Permanent funding for the protection of nature. The federal government has committed to protecting 30% of land and ocean by 2030. Canada made significant investments last year to reach the 30x30 goal but permanent funding is still needed to ensure ongoing management of these areas and secure nature’s recovery in the long term.
  2. Support for Indigenous-led conservation. Honouring Indigenous rights and leadership in their territories is a critical aspect of wildlife conservation. An action plan must support the Indigenous-led establishment and ongoing management of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and Indigenous Guardian programs to heal the land and advance reconciliation.
  3. Plans to save critical ecosystems like grasslands, forests, wetlands and ocean. The ongoing damage to wetlands, grasslands, old-growth forests, and the ocean must be stopped and restoration plans developed to allow nature to recover.
  4. Access to Nature for all. Protection and restoration efforts should help cities expand urban forest cover and make green space and parks more accessible and welcoming for everyone, including racialized communities and others facing systemic barriers.

Nature Needs Your Voice

Show your support for an action plan to halt and reverse nature loss! Add your name now to join our call to protect the environment as we bring Nature to Parliament Hill.

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