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Twenty-five million migratory birds die from window collisions across Canada each year. We can change this!

For birds, glass windows are pretty much invisible. Today, window collisions are the second-highest direct human cause of bird deaths in Canada. But we can make a difference for birds across the country. Toronto and many other Canadian cities have adopted bird friendly building guidelines to ensure windows in new developments are no longer one of the leading causes of bird deaths. 


This year, we have the chance to enact change at the provincial scale and save more bird lives. A motion to implement these guidelines has been tabled at the Ontario legislature—and your voice can ensure that it gets the attention it deserves! 


Send a letter today to demand the motion to incorporate Bird Friendly Building Standards into the Building Code for Ontario is passed! We do not want this critical motion to be tabled and collect dust. There is no time to waste when it comes to protecting migratory birds. 

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