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Help the Sakitawak Métis to protect their homelands in the Boreal forest!

You can help protect Woodland Caribou and support Indigenous-led conservation.

The Sakitawak IPCA conservation project is an initiative to protect the traditional lands of the Métis, Woodland Cree, and Dene of Northwestern Saskatchewan in the heart of the Boreal forest.

The area to be protected, known as the N-14 Fur Block, is approximately 22,000 square kilometres and is home to three watersheds and multiple species of animals, trees, and flowers. The area is an important calving ground for the endangered Woodland Caribou, as well as a home to many other species that rely on Canada’s vast Boreal forest.

If protected, it would be the third largest IPCA in Canada.

The caribou are at the heart of the boreal ecosystem and Indigenous traditions and protecting the N-14 will help conserve the habitats of multiple other species as well. 

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