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Stop the development of the Badlands Motorsports Resort!

The proposed resort would be built directly on critical habitat for Bank Swallows and other species at risk.

The Rosebud River Valley is an ecological treasure of wetlands and coulees northeast of Calgary that offers a sanctuary for a host of wildlife, including threatened Bank Swallows, Prairie Falcons, Golden Eagles and songbirds. 

Unfortunately, the Rosebud is threatened by a proposed $400 million racetrack and resort development—Badlands Motorsports Resort—that could bring thousands of people and hundreds of loud high-powered vehicles into the valley without an environmental impact assessment.  

The project also proposes the development of Rosebud grasslands for residential and commercial use, including the filling of five wetlands that should be protected as natural climate solutions; they store carbon from our atmosphere, are critical wildlife habitats and make areas more resilient to climate impacts like flooding and droughts.

While we won’t know how 300,000+ visitors and their vehicles per year will affect this environmentally significant area without an impact assessment, what we do know is that the Rosebud River Valley is a critical habitat for the recovery of the Bank Swallow. The species has already lost 98% of its population over the last 41 years and cannot afford to be displaced.  

The federal government is obliged under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) to ensure that this critical habitat is protected! Prohibitions against the destruction of critical habitats of threatened species like the Bank Swallow must be applied.

Take action now! Send the letter to Jonathan Wilkinson, federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Jason Nixon, Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks to ask them to establish a joint panel with public hearings to review the impacts of the proposed Badlands Motorsports Resort.  

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