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Cut through the smoke on Canada’s Logging Emissions

Add your name to our Access to Information request. Let’s force the government to reveal the true extent of climate emissions from industrial logging!

Nature Canada is submitting a formal Access to Information request to force the government to come clean on logging’s climate impact.

The government's own data shows that logging is one of the highest emitting sectors in Canada. But they refuse to publicly state the true scale of emissions at the provincial and national levels. As a result, Canada has a 75-megatonne hole in its climate plan while our country’s greatest climate asset – its forests – are on fire and being clear cut at an alarming pace.

  • Woodland Caribou and other threatened species are being logged to extinction by climate polluters.
  • 2023 was the worst wildfire season on record due to climate change.
  • Canada’s logging industry claims it is carbon neutral but they’re tipping the scales.

Canada’s leaders must acknowledge the logging industry’s climate problem and get to work on reducing carbon pollution from the sector.

Our Access to Information request will force the government to show once and for all which provinces are the biggest emitters when it comes to the logging sector. Canada’s Auditor General’s office has called for this transparency but so far the government hasn’t acted.

On behalf of all nature-lovers who are concerned about the harm being done to wildlife – and our climate – by the clearcutting of forests, we are formally demanding that the government come clean.

We’re inviting all people living in Canada to add their name to this formal process in the name of climate transparency. Together we will send a clear message: masking our climate emissions from logging is unconscionable in a climate crisis. We need to hold polluters accountable – TODAY!

Our Access to Information Request (click to expand)

Please provide any and all materials produced between September 1, 2022 and July 20, 2023, including reports, briefing notes, meeting notes and communications (e-mail messages and other correspondence) referencing or relating to the net greenhouse gas emissions associated with logging (or wood harvesting) in Canada and/or the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from forestry.

Please provide Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry sector emissions data for each province and territory for the years 1990 to 2021, inclusive. Please provide a breakdown, by province and territory, of the following emissions/removals data:

  • Emissions and Removals in Forest Land Remaining Forest Land by Stand Component (as provided at the national level in Figure 6-3 of the 2023 National Inventory Report);
  • Forest Land Remaining Forest Land Areas, GHG Fluxes and C Transfers, (as provided at the national level in Table 6-5 from 2023 National Inventory Report);
  • Carbon Stocks in HWP Pool and Emissions Resulting from their Use and Disposal (as provided at the national level in Table 6-7 from 2023 National Inventory Report);
  • Estimates of CO2 Emissions from Harvested Wood Products, with 2.5th and 97.5th Percentiles (as provided at the national level in Table 6-8 from 2023 National Inventory Report).

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