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The world needs Canada’s leadership to deliver a big win for nature.

Global biodiversity is collapsing but it’s not too late to act. The world NatureCOP summit in Montreal is Canada’s chance to speak for nature on the world stage!

Tell Canada's representatives that you expect real action out of NatureCOP in Montreal this December. Send the letter now to demand a better future.

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196 countries will be coming to Montreal this December to hash out a plan to save the planet from biodiversity collapse. Nature has been pushed to the brink by human development and climate change but there’s still time to halt and reverse the damage if we act together now.

Be a voice for Nature! You can have an impact by telling Canada’s representatives that you expect real action out of the NatureCOP in Montreal.

Canada is hosting the world’s most impactful decision-makers. Tell them you want to see Canada show leadership toward a nature-positive world by committing to a plan that:

  • Protects 30 percent of land, ocean, and freshwater by 2030
  • Supports the conservation leadership of Indigenous Peoples around the world and here at home
  • Invests in nature-based solutions to climate change
  • Restores degraded ecosystems and ensures the recovery of threatened wildlife
  • Promotes urban biodiversity and equitable access for all people

We can do it! With your voice, NatureCOP in Montreal could be the turning point where we go from collapse to full recovery. Send your letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and his ministers, now! 

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Nature Needs Your Voice

Canada must act to halt and reverse biodiversity collapse. Add your voice now to advocate for real change.

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