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30x30 is Canada’s ocean protection target. Send the letter now to ensure we hit it.

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We cannot survive without the ocean. It produces 50 percent of the planet’s oxygen, puts food on our plates, helps us fight climate change, and supports vibrant coastal communities.

But the vast majority of Canada’s oceans remain legally unprotected, leaving marine species and their habitats vulnerable to destruction and exposed to contaminants. As the country boasting the longest coastline on Earth, Canada isn’t doing enough to conserve it.

Today, we are driving alarming species decline, destroying diverse ecosystems, and damaging our long-term future. Amazing marine animals, like the North Atlantic right whale and Southern Resident Orca, are at risk of extinction. We can choose a better future for ourselves and for the ocean.

Canada has set a goal to protect 30 percent of our oceans by 2030—that involves creating protected areas for marine wildlife where nature can thrive. 

Restoring and protecting the ocean is crucial to tackling climate disruption, reversing biodiversity loss, and supporting human well-being. To achieve it all, the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with high-ecological standards is our best bet.

Send the letter now to advocate for the creation of marine protected areas that not only put nature and coastal communities first but also respect Indigenous rights and support Indigenous-led visions for marine conservation. 

A strong network of Marine Protected Areas will work to reduce habitat degradation, slow the loss of endangered species, and restore depleted fish stocks. It’s clear that protecting 30 percent of our ocean by 2030 will go a long way to ensure Canada preserves the nature and way of life we know and love.

Your voice for nature has never been more imperative. Let the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard know that meeting 30 percent by 2030 is important to you.

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