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What's happening in labs around the world could change nature forever.

You’re probably familiar with environmental pollution, like the plastic bottles floating in the river by your house. But a new technology is putting nature at further risk: genetically engineered organisms. If they enter the wild, these unnatural species can have unintended impacts on both wild species and ecosystems. 


Outdated environmental laws have allowed Canada to become the first country in the world to approve (with ease) the production of a genetically engineered animal, a transgenic salmon, for human consumption.  If this salmon were to escape and breed with already at-risk wild salmon, it would change wild stocks forever.


And as you know, precedents matter. The aquaculture industry is now experimenting with other genetically engineered seafood including trout, tilapia, bream, shrimp and so on.


But today, we have an urgent and unique opportunity to halt genetic pollution. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) has not been updated since 1999. On February 9th, the Federal Government introduced a Bill in the Senate that is intended to modernize the Act. Shockingly, it does nothing to increase protection of Nature from this emerging threat.


Senators can propose and approve amendments to the Bill. Send a letter asking Senators to protect wild animals from the unintended consequences of genetic engineering. We must protect nature from the risks of genetic engineering as well as ensure Indigenous Peoples' rights to food sources and ways of life are respected. 

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