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Canada’s new Climate Plan must recognize—and reduce—carbon dioxide emissions caused by clear-cut logging of Canada’s forests.

Canada’s Boreal forest encompasses the world’s largest block of remaining intact forests and wetlands. It stores twice as much carbon as the world’s recoverable oil reserves and provides critical habitat for billions of species, including many at risk.

Yet the Canadian government allows the logging industry to clearcut hundreds of thousands of hectares of the Boreal forest annually—that’s about five NHL hockey rinks a minute. 

Canada’s new 2030 Emission Reduction Plan denies the reality of the massive greenhouse gas emissions released by destroying this carbon-rich ecosystem.

Canada won’t meet its 2030 climate target of a 40-45% reduction in emissions unless all sectors take action. 

Tell Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson to stop giving the logging industry a free pass on emissions, by: 

  • Fixing Canada’s biased approach to forest sector carbon accounting, which massively underreports logging emissions and violates United Nations guidelines 
  • Requiring large companies to pay a carbon price on wood burning emissions, as they do when burning other fuels
  • Investing in Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas to protect more boreal and coastal forests 
  • Developing a plan to end primary forest logging in line with Canada’s commitment to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030

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