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The Fraser River Delta is facing an imminent threat—but you have the power to change the course of our entire watershed’s future.

Today, you can help preserve this site of unparalleled natural abundance and rare ecological importance from the mega-expansion of a shipping terminal at Roberts Bank. You can help save 100+ species at risk of extinction in the Fraser River Delta.

The Federal government is about to make the decision of whether to allow this project to move forward and they want to hear from people like you.

It’s as simple as signing your name.

Say ‘no’ to the Fraser Delta Megaport expansion project. Say ‘yes’ to safeguarding one of our most crucial migration superhighways for endangered orcas, threatened wild salmon, and millions of birds.

Add your name now to save the Fraser River Delta and all the animals that call it home.

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There is strength in numbers. Send the letter to tell them that the Fraser Delta megaport expansion project must be stopped. Read the letter >

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